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We can provide a wide range of services to help businesses to effectively use the Microsoft Power Platform, from planning and implementation to training and support.

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Imagineering with Power Platform


We help businesses to implement and customise the Power Platform to meet their specific needs by developing custom workflows and applications.

Strategy and Planning

We work with businesses to understand their specific needs and goals and then develop a strategy for using the Power Platform to meet those needs. 

Training and Support

We provide support to help businesses to effectively use the Power Platform by providing training on how to use specific components of the platform.

Data Migration and Integration

We help businesses to migrate and integrate their existing data into the Power Platform to ensure that the platform is able to provide valuable insights

Optimisation and Scaling

As your company grows and develops, we help to optimise and scale the Power Platform to ensure that it continues to meet the evolving needs and demands of your business.

Governance and Security

We help businesses to establish governance and security protocols for the Power Platform, which can help to ensure that sensitive data is protected and meets relevant regulations.

Unleash your data

Power BI is a powerful tool and we can support your utilisation of Power BI to gain insights from your business data, make better-informed decisions, and communicate data more effectively.

Data Modelling

We will help build a data model by defining relationships between tables, creating calculated columns and measures and hierarchies.

Data Visualisations

We craft advanced visualisations like maps, and gauges, that can be used to represent data in an easy-to-understand format.

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Reports and Dashboards

We can create interactive visuals, reports and dashboards that can be customised and shared with others inside your organisation.

Data Exploration

We enable your data professionals to question their business data and gain actionable insights into business operations.

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