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Microsoft Tech Away Day - Cuckoo

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Cuckoo at Microsoft’s head office, where we showcased the latest advancements in Microsoft Fabric. It was an exciting opportunity to share our vision and demonstrate the power of this innovative platform.

Microsoft Fabric is a cutting-edge technology that supports efficient business operations while driving innovation, decision-making and competitive differentiation. It’s a platform that adapts to changing demands and capitalises on future opportunities, making it an ideal solution for Cuckoo Fibre.

During the visit, we shared our rich experience, technical acumen and digital insights with our guests. We demonstrated how Microsoft Fabric can optimise traditional data infrastructures while also innovating with contemporary cloud solutions, such as those offered by Microsoft Azure.

The visit was a great success, and we were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and interest from our guests. We look forward to continuing to share our vision and helping businesses harness the power of Microsoft Fabric to achieve their goals.

"Our collaboration on the day felt inspiring, sparking many conversations that tempted to push the boundaries of tech innovation in Telco.."


Microsoft Fabric

Fabric is a single unified product that takes care of everything an enterprise needs for analytics: from the datalake all the way to the business user in Office. It includes Data Integration, Data Engineering, Data Warehousing, Data Sciences, Real Time analytics and Business intelligence.

It is delivered as a single SaaS product that provides auto-integration, auto-optimisation, common architecture, central governance and Office like experiences across all the workloads.

Fabric accelerates data potential whilst providing a unified intelligent data foundation for all analytics workloads and integrates Power BI, Data Factory and the next generation of Synapse to offer customers a price performant and easy to manage a modern analytics solution.

Every analytics workload works seamlessly with OneLake to minimise data management time and effort by eliminating data movement and duplication. Fabric reduces the pain of Factory and facilitates better collaboration with a solution that makes it easy to connect and use the different analytics tools your team needs.

At Blundens, we have specialised in driving innovation through the implementation of the latest advancements in data and AI. We work closely throughout our engagements to ensure our customers have a tailored and seamless upgrade to Microsoft Fabric, providing support and development where it is needed most.

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